You need to do you.

Win the favor of your audience and the internet gods by partnering with a pro who knows how to make your business as approachable and efficient as possible. The worst thing you can do is delude or dilute yourself.

Abelardo Morell,  Laboratory Glassware Construction,  2004.

Abelardo Morell, Laboratory Glassware Construction, 2004.

give your content a voice.

Crafting content that speaks to your audience takes practice, imagination, knowledge, and  unconventionality. It's not all about having the right search engine keywords or amazing stuff to offer. How can you convince your audience you're the obvious choice? Doing so requires understanding you: your target, competition, personality, and purpose. The Magma Lab can transform your abstract ideas, visions, and feelings into a captivating narrative with compelling calls to action. Content takes strategy.

With strong attention to detail and an efficient methodology, The Magma Lab seeks to make the content and design process an effortless experience for you. With TML, you can relax knowing that a talented, attentive professional will provide you with the elements you need to make you and your business shine.

Is TML a good fit for you?

The Magma Lab is best suited for those who:

  • want to make a big impression and aren't afraid of different
  • feel comfortable trusting the creative process
  • require a fresh perspective to bring an idea to life
  • desire incredibly well-crafted writing and modern design
  • need to move their branding or marketing strategy in a new direction, or don't know if they even have a brand or strategy
  • aren't willing to waste time on antiquated methods or philosophies

TML isn't for everybody. For TML to have any effect, you'll need to bring spirit and open-mindedness to the table. Excited? Me too.

Volcanos near Usulután, El Salvador.

Volcanos near Usulután, El Salvador.


What clients have said:

As a newly formed organization, we needed someone to channel our team’s ideas, opinions, mission, and vision into a clean and accessible brand. Monica did just that. She not only put together a design that represents us, but she thought carefully about how we could achieve our goals and introduced us to innovative tools. She did all of this on an incredibly tight budget and timeline. It was great to work with such an energetic and passionate person!
— Christina Gordon, Society of Gender Professionals
Working with Monica is a highly creative process. She rises to every occasion, meets my vision, and opens it to new possibilities. I need a person like her on my team to take my ideas and run with them.
— Desirée Muñoz, Cicada Group
Developing a strong content strategy was always our biggest struggle when beginning any new client project. Monica has mastered the art of sifting through the corporate jargon we hear day-to-day and turning that into meaningful brand messaging. She has the unique ability of keeping projects organized and on budget, all the while being an awesome, professional, super smart, and badass chick!
— Dave Schmidt, Visual Harvest
As the founder of a startup, the multitude of ideas that run through my head makes it difficult for me to craft a coherent marketing message. Monica has an impressive ability to cut through clutter, find the essence, and craft it into a clear, creative, and impactful story. Her writing talent was instrumental in fashioning my new company’s brand and I won’t hesitate to call on her for future projects.
— Russ Martin, Solo Founders Unite
As a copywriter myself, working with another writer for the first time is often a bit nerve wracking. I’ve got a very critical eye, and I know exactly what I want. But with Monica, I didn’t need to worry. She’s a pro. With minimal direction from me, she was able to read between the lines and deliver everything I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier with Monica’s work. In fact, I’m kicking myself for not hiring her sooner.
— Beth Carter, Freelance Writing Solutions
Monica has an amazing knack for immersing herself in endless amounts of material and coming up with concise yet powerful copy. She’s been a great extension of our team, tailoring her style and approach for the variety of clients that our agency serves.
— Benjamin Wydra, Culture22
Monica created a foolproof tool to streamline our content and social media management. She made it super easy to dive in and get to work—it spoke for itself!
— Alyssa Baker, Q4 Consulting
Monica did outstanding work—completely absorbing the facets of my background and artfully articulating my story in ways in which I would never imagine. Monica conducted a very thorough and fun interview to extract the details necessary to put her gift and talent to work. The finished product was amazing and exceeded my expectations. The writer’s writer!
— Simone Devereueawax
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