Notes from Sinek


Here are some essential takeaways from Simon Sinek's Start With Why, a book on business marketing and strategy that has deeply influenced my practice and philosophy.

  • To influence people's behavior, you can either manipulate or inspire.
  • WHY = the cause represented by the company, brand, product, or person; it's what inspires loyalty and it's what you should use to guide your decisions. "It’s not a debate about better or worse anymore, it’s a discussion about different needs. And before the discussion can even happen, the WHYs for each must be established first." (p. 49)
  • Humans crave the feeling of belonging, a sharing of beliefs and values. "The reason gut decisions feel right is because the part of the brain that controls them also controls our feelings." (p. 57)
  • Start with and focus on the 2.5% of the population that believes what you believe.
  • Innovative companies give their people something to work toward, not on. "If people do not trust that a company is organized to advance the WHY, then the passion is diluted. Without managed trust, people will show up to do their jobs and they will worry primarily about themselves." (p. 111)
  • Leader's job: ensure that team members believe what he/she believes and know how to build it. "Your role in the process is to be crystal clear about what purpose, cause, or belief you exist to champion, and to show how your products and services advance that cause." (p. 126)
  • Employees' job: clearly demonstrate the WHY to the world in what they say and do
  • The key to instilling trust and the perception of value in customers is to communicate WHY clearly through marketing, branding, products, and services
  • The hard part is to trust one's gut, stay true to one's purpose/cause/belief, and remain authentic/balanced, especially during periods of growth.

For more, I recommend watching Simon Sinek's TED talk on the subject. 

Monica Guzman

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