On Storytelling: The Importance of Reframing Reality

I came across a very TML-relevant article today on one of my favorite blogs, Brain Pickings. In it, Maria Popova discusses Phillipa Perry's book How to Stay Sane:

At the heart of Perry’s argument — in line with neurologist Oliver Sacks’s recent meditation on memory and how “narrative truth,” rather than “historical truth,” shapes our impression of the world — is the recognition that stories make us human and learning to reframe our interpretations of reality is key to our experience of life:
— Maria Popova

My latest client contacted me with an unusual, forward-thinking, and therefore especially welcome request: to write her story. Not for a website or a brochure or a stage introduction or a speech... Just for her. She wanted to clarify her story so that she could feel more focused and motivated while moving forward with her career as a motivational speaker. While I was somewhat thrown by the lack of guidelines, the end result, a pseudo-fantasy-editorial feature, really excited me and I found myself feeling more focused and motivated, too. This assignment was storytelling at its best: reframing reality to use for life experience purposes. And, as I network, meet new people, and describe my business, I find that most people don't understand the benefits of reframing reality. As Maria Popova and Phillipa Perry know, stories can be more powerful than facts, more lasting than memory, more real than actual life. That's exactly what excites me about this work. I hope to come across many more clients who are as open to the power of stories as my last.


Monica Guzman

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