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I <3  Garner's Modern American Usage

I <3 Garner's Modern American Usage

So many things. Fasten your straightjackets.

1. I moved to L.A. Well, Pasadena, technically. I also ran a live music-live lit variety show at my friend's bookstore for an entire year. That was pretty great.

2. A few wonderful ideas dawned on me. I could get my MBA online to rid myself of my imposter syndrome once and for all. I could suspend TML in order to get a full-time gig in order to fund things, including my co-working space/board game cafe and my short film. I could keep writing stuff that may never see the light of day but keeps me sane.



3. And so you'll have to forgive my post lag. I've been busy working on things that I hope to share with you soon. But if you want me to cover a topic for you here in this tiny nook of the internet, I'd be delighted to do so. Just hit me up.

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