Hello, my name is Monica.

Welcome to my humble internet abode. I'm so glad you've made it here. Here's an interview I'll conduct with myself:

MG: So, Monica, how did you get started?

MG: I began my freelance career as a copywriter (I'm a creative writer outside of work), but then my clients needed design help, so I learned how to design. I was happy to put my eye for aesthetics to good use. Then I realized that my copywriting and design work wouldn't serve my clients fully without good marketing strategies, so I read a bunch of books about marketing and coached my clients while building their products. But then, with more experience, I noticed my clients were struggling with something deeper than marketing strategy; many lacked clarity regarding their vision, mission, and goals.

MG: That would make your title... what exactly?

Good question. When I started helping my clients on a strategic level, I began identifying as a branding and marketing consultant. The work became less about drafts of web copy and wireframes; I was asking questions and building strategies from the ground up with my clients. Now I think of myself as a general creative strategist. I know how to align goals with creative processes and measurable strategies.

MG: Is that your mission statement? To align goals with process and strategy?

MG: I'd say that's my method. My mission is to keep people who are doing good work focused on their work rather than fussing over the stuff they're less suited for. Branding and creative strategy are skills that come easy to me, and I want to share that skill with people who don't have it. I tend to believe that if we all focused on doing the stuff we like to do and are good at doing, the world would be a better place.

MG: What's your end goal?

MG: I'm still figuring that out. I just know that I'm happiest when I'm using my whole brain--the creative parts and the critical thinking parts--and giving myself the freedom to generate new ideas. I have a vibrant imagination (even when I sleep!), so it's important to me that I keep my skills and ambition sharp in order to see my ideas through.

MG: Want to share one of those ideas?

MG: Sure! I find that a lot of people don't make use of the variety of punctuation we have at our disposal, or they use punctuation incorrectly. I have an idea for a website or app that makes punctuation fun and approachable using visual art and literature. Think Emily Dickinson laying down m-dash planks to build a bridge. I'd call it WhatThePunc.

MG: That sounds cool! We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for that. Well, thanks for chatting with me.

MG: It's been my pleasure.

Winter '16

I've always loved exploring ideas and stretching my imagination. As Stephen King once declared about writing:

"We've engaged in an act of telepathy. No mythy-mountain shit; real telepathy."

That's why I graduated from Northwestern University in 2011 with a concentration in creative nonfiction writing. That's why I forged my own path as a freelance consultant: I get to be a wizard instead of a muggle. The Magma Lab serves as my school of witchcraft.

So, once again, I welcome you to the lab. Abracadabra.